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Refinance Mortgage With Bad Credit

Do you want to refinance your mortgage, but you're not sure if you'll qualify because you have bad credit, or less then perfect credit? Are you worried that you might get ripped off by some predatory lender online? Even people with poor credit can refinance their mortgage without high rates, hidden fees or other obstacles.

You can refinance a mortgage with bad credit

There are mortgage companies online that will give you a competitive rate and sometimes 100% financing, even with bad credit. Many online mortgage companies now offer a bad credit home loan and poor credit mortgage refinances because of their low overhead. They don't need to worry about large buildings, thousands of employees, or many other factors that traditional banks have to deal with. Because their expenses are so much lower, they can offer loans that most banks simply can't.

No credit check

Most of our recommended mortgage and home loan lenders can give you a quote (or quotes from several lenders) with no credit check. They will normally only pull your credit report after you have received a quote and decided to do business with them. So you can get pre-approval without having any inquires on your credit report.

Compare Interest Rates and Details of the Mortgage quotes

One of the best things about the lenders that we've reviewed is that many of them will give you quotes from several companies, so you can compare interest rates and get the best deal possible. Always apply to more than one company at a time, this way you can get anywhere from 8 to 15 different mortgage quotes for filling out only three quick forms online. TIP: Most forms ask for the same information such as: name, address, type of loan, etc. Simply open up a windows notepad window and type all this information into it once. Then copy and paste it into the application forms - this can save time and get you many mortgage quotes in about five minutes!

We base or judgement of Mortgage Lenders and Home Loan Companies on:

The lender or mortgage company has programs specifically for bad credit or poor credit
Are people who used their bad credit home loan programs happy with their results?
That they are a reputable company

Here are the Bad Credit Mortgage and Refinance Lenders We do Recommend:

Savings - This company provides you with quotes for Refinancing a Mortgage with Bad credit, as well as home equity, debt consolidation and more. They do not pull your credit with the short application that this link points to. They offer quick responses and can get you a quote in 24 hours in most cases. They work with some of the best lenders, especially in the bad credit / poor credit field.

Really Great Rate - They handle Bad Credit Home Purchases, Mortgage Refinances, Home Equity Loans, Debt Consolidation and Home Improvement Loans. Really Great Rate is a well established sub prime lender and can get you several loan quotes in from many competitive companies online.

Lending Partners - Lending Partners handles Bad and Poor Credit Mortgage Refinances, Home Equity, Home Purchases and Commercial Property Loans. They've served over 500,000 homeowners since 1999.

Countrywide A very well known lender, Countrywide has been growing more and more over the past few years. They have many bad credit programs and can probably get you a low rate, too. They approve 4 out of 5 applications and offer 100% financing for qualified buyers. Fill out their quick form and get a quote within a day or two.

Even if you are turned down for a mortgage or refinance right now, don't despair! We've seen many people with bad credit get the loans that they want! The best thing to do is to start repairing your credit (see the sites below) and then to reapply in a month or two and check the results. Often one or two companies can deny an application, while two others that you've applied to at the same time, will approve the application and get you a quote - That's why it's important to always apply to three or more lenders or quote services at the same time, whether you're applying for a mortgage or refinance or reapplying a few months later.

Here are our Recommended Credit Repair Resources:

Attorney's Guide To Credit Repair
Bad Credit Bomber
Top Credit Repair
24 Hour Credit Fix


The companies above cover the states of: Alabama AL Alaska AK Arizona AZ Arkansas AR California CA Colorado CO Connecticut CT Delaware DE Florida FL Georgia GA Hawaii HI Idaho ID Illinois IL Indiana IN Iowa IA Kansas KS Kentucky KY Louisiana LA Maine ME Maryland MD Massachusetts MA Michigan MI Minnesota MN Mississippi MS Missouri MO Montana MT Nebraska NE Nevada NV New Hampshire NH New Jersey NJ New Mexico NM New York NY North Carolina NC North Dakota ND Ohio OH Oklahoma OK Oregon OR Pennsylvania PA Rhode Island RI South Carolina SC South Dakota SD Tennessee TN Texas TX Utah UT Vermont VT Virginia VA Washington WA West Virginia WV Wisconsin WI Wyoming WY DC

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